How To Train Your Dog 101 – The Rolling Jump

Photo by John Talbot / CC BY
The Rolling Jump is a uncomplicated trick that requires almost no skill. If you read the last article your dog should already have the confidence necessary for this trick but to reassure him follow the steps below.

Creating Confidence

First you must tell your dog how much you love them. If they know you love them they will be willing to do anything for you. Make sure you have confidence in your dog because this is the first thing they will look for. Having confidence in your dog to do this trick is one of the most important steps to your dog succeeding. Make sure you have treats on hand and let your dog know that every time they do the trick they get one. Make sure to play a game of catch to warm up for this trick.

Learning the Trick

The first step is lying on the ground with your face down. Instruct your dog to do this with you. Put your arms by your side. Then propel yourself upward and sideways off the ground using your feet. Twirl until your feet hit the ground. Your dog will have to land on their back feet then they can continue with the trick I taught in my last article. The Backward Cartwheel. Anyway, this trick is best when done together. If you are learning this trick for a dog show then I suggest you ask the show owners if you can perform this trick with your dog.