How To Train Your Dog 101 – The Beginning

This is a how to series that will teach you how to train your dog simple tricks. After you finish applying this series I suggest reading another tutorial on how to teach your dog more advanced tricks.

The Beginning

First prepare your dog by telling him that these tricks are beginner level and he will accomplish them with ease. This will not only show him that you have confidence in him, but that he should have confidence in his self. Make sure you have dog treats on hand. Preferably his favorite flavor. These will enhance your dog’s performance.


The Trick

The trick you will be teaching him is The Backward Cartwheel. To teach this trick you’re going to have to know how to do it. Make sure there is plenty of space behind you. Put your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and jump back and sideways then roll your weight to your hands. When you are on your hands bend your elbows then push off the ground sideways and land on your feet. Now that you have done it, explain how to perform the trick in simple sentences to your dog. Make sure to demonstrate it multiple times if your dog asks. Your dog believes if you can do it, he can do it.
Your Dog Performing the Trick

After your dog understands the general concept of how to perform this trick tell him to try it. Make sure to explain to him that if he does it the first time he gets two treats and anytime after that he gets one. This will provide the necessary drive to complete this trick. At this point if you have followed all of the steps listed above he should complete the trick effortlessly. Ensure he can do the trick properly by asking him to do it multiple times in a row. Now you can start critiquing his form. This step is crucial. Without this step he will look like a fish out of water. When you are critiquing him make sure you are using a very encouraging voice. Look him in the eye when you give him advice. This will help his confidence.
Safety Precautions

  • Make sure you and your dog are in a conformable environment.
  • Make sure there is enough room in your surrounding area.
  • Make sure your dog has had lunch.
  • Make sure your dog has not had lunch within the past hour.
  • Make sure you have not had lunch within the past hour.
This is just the beginning to having an adequately trained dog. We will continue with more advanced tricks next week.
P.S. I found you can also teach this to your fish. Although you must ensure he has a clear view of you performing the trick. (Sometimes tanks get foggy.)